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10 Best Coffee Beans in India - A Beginners Guide

Many coffee enthusiasts can only kickstart their day with a good cup of Joe. The morning ritual involves either firing up the coffee machine or boil up some water to pour ground coffee beans or powder shortly after. For a lot of us Indians, the latter option is the most prominent, highlighting the need to explore coffee brands present in the market. This will help you enhance your coffee-drinking experience whether you are stocking up for yourself or decide to gift a pack for a fellow coffee enthusiast.  

In this guide, we will explore the 10 best coffee beans in India, but first, let’s look at the four types of coffee beans that help in making your favorite bean juice. 

Types of Coffee Beans

Let’s keep it short. All coffee comes from either robusta or arabica beans or a combination of both. Mainly, there are four types of coffee beans: Robusta, Arabica, Liberica, and Excelsa. 

1. Arabica Coffee Beans

Arabica coffee beans are deemed as the best coffee beans in the world as they produce superior coffee. Arabica beans are also the most cultivated beans in the world, accounting for more than 60 percent of global coffee production. Furthermore, the top coffee brands in the world claim to use only Arabica beans in their product. 


Arabica coffee beans are considered the best because of their minimal bitterness, and rich and smooth flavor. Arabica beans taste different based on where they're grown, like earthy ones from Indonesia or fragrant ones from Ethiopia.

How to Earn with Arabica Plantation?

If you want to earn money with an Arabica plantation, Swasya Living, a managed farmland, is one of the best options. Swasya’s managed farmland is surrounded by its Arabica coffee estates and by investing in Swasya farmlands, you become liable to the yield from the coffee plantation. After every harvest season, the coffee is sold, and the profits made from the sale are distributed to the residents of Swasya Living. Other than the coffee plantation, Swasya also has pepper and arecanut crops, allowing you to earn more with your investment. 

2. Robusta Coffee Beans

Robusta beans are the second-best coffee beans, originating from sub-Saharan Africa. Coffee drinkers looking for good coffee on a budget often opt for coffee with Robusta beans as they are affordable for coffee manufacturers to acquire. These coffee beans are bigger and help produce more coffee as compared to other beans. 


When beginners start with Robusta Coffee, they find it to be bitter and powerful, because it has a flat burnt-like taste. This is because Robusta is a strong coffee bean with more caffeine than Arabica beans. 

3. Liberica Coffee Beans

Newcomers in the realm of coffee drinking might love Liberica coffee because of its strong floral aroma and smokey flavor. Native to western and central Africa, it gets its name from its country of origin Liberia. Its flavor gets further enhanced by mixing it with other types of coffee to add complexity and body.


Liberica coffee has a polarizing reputation among its fans because of it inconsistent taste. Liberica drinkers have either hated it or loved its taste. It is usually known for its woody, nutty flavor, and a deceptive backbite. 

4. Excelsa Coffee Beans

Originally considered as a separate coffee species, scientists have recently recognized Excelsa as a variation of Liberica beans. These beans are only grown in Southeast Asia and at medium altitudes, these plants can grow to 20-30 feet. 


Excelsa beans are known for their unique flavor profile. They are a great combination of fruity aromas, acidic notes, and dark roast characteristics, ideal for beginners. Excelsa beans have a depth of flavor, but lack in fragrance and caffeine. However, they are added to other beans as they add a significant amount of flavor. 

How to Choose the Perfect Coffee for You

Farming techniques are improving, roasters are innovating, and coffee lovers are exploring an array of flavorful beans from around the globe. Today, the world of coffee offers more diversity than ever before, with a wide range of flavors and growing regions.

However, buying coffee isn't as simple as it used to be. That's why we've put together this guide to help you navigate the process of selecting the right coffee beans for you.


When purchasing coffee, freshness is key. Once coffee beans are roasted, they begin to lose their flavor. Opt for recently roasted beans, as they retain more flavor. Beans from grocery stores may not be as fresh, having been roasted weeks ago.

Roast Levels

Coffee beans are natural and taste best when brewed shortly after roasting. Different roast levels impact flavor:

  • Light Roast Coffee: Retains original flavors, with a bright, fruity taste and no bitterness.

  • Medium Roast Coffee: Smooth out flavors, offering sweetness with a slight bitterness.

  • Dark Roast Coffee: Provides deeper, stronger flavors like chocolate or spices, with a richer aroma.

Caffeine Content

Contrary to popular belief, dark roast coffee beans contain less caffeine than light or medium roasts. Opt for light or medium roast beans if you prefer a higher caffeine content.

Ground Coffee vs. Whole Bean Coffee

Whole beans maintain freshness longer than ground beans due to less exposure to air. Properly stored whole beans can last for months after roasting, whereas ground coffee remains fresh for about a month.

Manufacturing Date

Always choose freshly roasted coffee. Check the label for the "roasted on" date instead of the "best by" date to ensure freshness.

10 Best Coffee Beans in India 2024

Now that we have delved deeper into the types of coffee beans and how to select a coffee brand, let’s look at the best coffee beans in India in 2024. 

1. Blue Tokai

blue tokai

Founded by Namrata and Matt, Blue Tokai is a Delhi-based small coffee firm. Its name comes from an old name used to describe a peacock’s tail. The founders were looking for freshly ground coffee in Delhi and its absence led them to start the company. Now, twice a week, the company roasts coffee, customizes it as per the customer and distributes it across the country. The company offers single orders as well as monthly subscriptions. 

2. Davidoff


For nearly 30 years, Davidoff coffee has been known for its strong and fresh flavors. They create unique blends by searching for special ingredients from different places around the world. Every sip of Davidoff coffee tells a story of these amazing places.

Their blends are carefully made from the best coffee-growing regions, giving you a wonderful taste experience. Whether you're enjoying it alone or sharing it with friends, Davidoff coffee makes every moment special.

With years of experience and a passion for quality, Davidoff is one of the top coffee brands in India—and maybe even the world!

3. Starbucks


In 2012, TATA and Starbucks formed an alliance in India and the name of the company changed from Starbucks to TATA-Starbucks. With this alliance, 50 percent of the company is owned by TATA and the other 50 percent is owned by Starbucks. 

The firms has a roasting and bundling facility in Coorg, Karnataka, allowing it to sell coffee to famous coffee shops in India as well as other countries. To prevent pollution, the firm uses recyclable and biodegradable pressing materials. 

4. The Flying Squirrel

the flying squirrel

Started in 2013, The Flying Squirrel is now one of India's top coffee sellers online. Most of their coffee comes from Coorg, where their original home, the Nellikad Estate, is found. The brand is named after the flying squirrel, a cute animal that glides between trees and eats berries.

Today, they sell six types of coffee, plus blends and other coffee stuff. Their Flying Squirrel Taster's Whole Coffee Beans 6 Pack lets you try out their best coffees.

5. Nescafé

Nescafé is a well-known brand owned by Swiss multinational food and drink conglomerate corporation, Nestlé corporation headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. The firm offers some of the best coffee beans in India at a reasonable price. As a result, the brand has dominated the coffee space in India for years and avid coffee drinkers don’t even consider other coffee brands. Especially, the brand’s Nescafé Gold offers unrivaled flavor and scent. Nescafé provides its coffee from retail as well as online platforms.

6. BRU


Just like Nescafé, BRU is another well-known heavyweight in the Indian coffee space.  Around 50 years back, Hindustan Lever introduced it. They offer different types like BRU Gold, BRU Select, BRU Meal, and BRU Instant. BRU Gold Instant Coffee is a blend of beans from South Indian coffee farms, giving it a rich taste.

7. Continental Xtra Coffee

Continental Xtra Coffee

If you are looking for a strong and immediate flavor just like a good South Indian filter coffee, Continental Xtra Coffee is a great choice. This brand offers a blend of 70 percent coffee and 30 percent chicory, creating a robust flavor and fragrance. If you want the best taste, add it a little extra with milk for that strong taste and aroma. If you use a frother, the results will be impressive. If you are using it for the first time, it will not fail to amaze your taste buds. 

8. Columbian Brew Coffee

Columbian Brew Coffee

When it comes to the top coffee powders in India, Columbian Brew Coffee stands out. It's known for its strong instant coffee that fills the room with its amazing smell in no time.

What's great about Columbian Brew coffee is that it's pure powdered coffee without any added sugar or chicory. So, if you're watching your weight, it's a good choice. Just one spoonful makes a strong cup of coffee that'll lift your spirits and energy.

9. Lavazza


What began as a grocery store in Turin, Italy in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza has now become the master blender of coffee operating in the family for the past four generations. The company imports premium coffee from all over the world and makes one of the finest blends known in the coffee industry. 

It is a well-known Italian brand, but it offers some of the best coffee beans in India and 90 other countries. The brand’s Lavazza Caffe Espresso uses premium Arabica beans and you don’t need any expensive equipment to prepare this coffee. You just need a simple coffee machine. 

10. Hatti Kaapi

Hatti Kaapi has grown from a small beginning to a well-known coffee brand. Its name means "Home Coffee" in the local language. They started in 2009 with their first store in Gandhi Bazaar, Bengaluru, aiming to change how people enjoy coffee with their handmade filter Kaapi.

Now, Hatti Coffee has expanded to over 110 stores across India, offering a unique range of products. They use high-quality beans from traditional coffee-growing areas in Southern India. With their focus on regional flavors, Hatti Kaapi has become one of India's favorite coffee brands.

Final Thoughts 

Coffee is loved in India and around the globe. Indians are no different, with many enjoying a cup regularly. The coffee industry here reflects India's diverse cultures and traditions. Though it's still growing, it's gaining momentum. While there are many coffee brands in India, these 10 are the favorites among Indian coffee lovers. Share your favorite!


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